Giyuu Tomioko: The Water Hashira

Ah, so demon slayer once again. Apparently Demon slayer is the one anime which I can write blog posts about for hours, I don’t know why but I just can. Its been awhile since my last Hashira post, or demon slayer post in general so I decided to continue my project with today’s Hashira: Giyuu!

Giyuu is the water hashira who is very important to the story, especially because he was the person who saved Tanjiro in the beginning and helped him start his path as a demon slayer. He is a very interesting character, especially his childhood story.

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If you remember from the anime, A boy named Sabito trained Tanjiro for 6 months while Tanjiro was staying with Urokodaki-san. We later learn along with the characters that Sabito was actually dead, and his spirit lived on in the forest where Urokodaki-san stays.

Well to my surprise while reading the manga, Sabito lived in the same time period as Giyuu while in final selection, and the only reason Giyuu isn’t dead is because Sabito saved him. Sabito and Giyuu both trained under Urokodaki-san at that time, and also went to final selection together. You could say they were somewhat best friends. During final selection, sabito saved everyone and the only person who died during that years final selection was unfortunately Sabito. So thankyou Sabito for saving Giyuu.

Also if you haven’t noticed, Giyuu wears half of Sabito’s haori on him.

MangaDex on Twitter: "The 2nd chapter of Kimetsu no Yaiba: Tomioka Giyuu  Gaiden is now on MangaDex!… "

Giyuu has an interesting set of emotions, He is very serious and doesn’t talk to just anyone. Even though many people see him as serious and ‘dislike’ him as Shinobu said, Tanjiro and Nezuko see him as a role model and their savior. He may not show it, but he does care about others, such as Shinobu. When her death was announced, you could see that he was surprised. He knows that Shinobu teases him a lot and he ignores that.

Giyuu is one of the few people who dont die during the Final battle against Muzan Kibutsuji. (He was wearing plot armor lol) He is a very very strong Hashira. He killed upper demon 3, Akaza who happened to kill Rengoku during the Mugen Train Arc, this is proof that he is incredibly strong. He is also one of the few Hashira who unlock their Demon Slayer mark. (Explained in the Love Hashira post)

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    He’s my favourite character but his past is really sad.

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