First and Final Thoughts: Kemono Jihen

This may or may not be my last First and Final thoughts for winter anime season… If I’m able to catch up on wonder Egg priority in the next couple days, then I will do one more, but right now lets focus on Kemono Jihen and my thoughts on that.

To start out, I haven’t seen many people watching Kemono Jihen this season. Either they didn’t seem interest, or they didn’t hear about it… So I’m going to count this anime as an underrated one. I think Kemono Jihen was a the ‘secret’ hit of this season… It presently surprised me, and I was hooked from the first episode. (I do have some stuff to say about the series later on though). Attack on Titan, SK8, Horimiya and Black clover took the spotlight this season, which makes Kemono the ‘under the radar’ hidden gem.


Lets start on what I thought of the characters… If you haven’t noticed already, My profile picture is actually a character from Kemono Jihen named Shiki. Shiki was an interesting character because of the way he is… He reminds me of Tsunderes because he acts like he doesn’t care when he secretly does. And later on in the show he opens up to the characters and gets rid of his ‘attitude.’ I liked that about him.

The main character Kabane, wasn’t really my type of character. He lived with humans his whole life, but still doesn’t understand them. Even though he was pushed aside for being different and sent to work, he still didnt have emotions which made me kind of bored during the series. He had very dulled emotions, and doesn’t feel pain. Not a normal character.

One of the other main characters, Inugami, didnt impress me at all… I dont understand his motive for taking in 3 kids at all, and he always has some mysterious look on his face which makes it even harder to understand him. I’m thinking of reading the Manga to see wether they explain anything about him. He is extremely suspicious. and on top of that, I dont feel his importance anywhere past the first 2 episodes.

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I think I’m really opposite from others, because I’ve seen many people who like Kabane, but dislike Shiki because of the difference in personalities, But then again, everyone has their own tastes.

Plot wise, this anime was incredibly unique (apart from the fact that the main characters lost their parents, well all MC’s are usually like that). It was about ‘Kemono’ which are similar to Youkai. I love Youkai animes, so I definitely took a liking to this one. The episodes pacing was good, but there is one thing i dont like about the plot. Kabane’s main goal was to find his family, but the show never got started on looking for his family, but only the two side characters families (which they ended up finding). Apart from that, I enjoyed the plot and story very much. Even though this anime stars kids, it has a very dark side to it… But you are able to differentiate the darkness and the comedy from it without any pacing issues.

The animation was OK, there wasn’t anything to special about it… I did enjoy the fight scenes though, they were really interesting and the animation was peak a during them. That’s my main thoughts on this anime, and I’m also going to share another bloggers post about Kemono Jihen which I found really interesting to read their views on this anime… So go check out Karandi’s post here.

In conclusion, Even though this anime may have some defects, I enjoyed it a lot and definitely recommend it. Id give it an 8/10 in ratings.

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