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After months of airing, Jujutsu Kaisen is finally over. I’m one of those people who dislike waiting for airing anime and always think in my mind “Why cant they just release the whole anime in one go?!” Even though I know the answer. This is became a fan favorite and also won the Crunchyroll’s Anime Awards 2021 as the Best Anime of 2021. I actually didn’t start this anime when it was releasing, I decided to pick it up 2 weeks before airing ended so I could binge abit. Anyway, now for my thoughts:

I’m not going to label this anime a masterpiece because very few animes deserve that title, But its definitely something else.. Its not your normal Shonen either. Before I start going really deep into thoughts, I want to say that I watch and rate anime based off of enjoyment, but when I write reviews on this blog, I end up getting ‘political’ and rate from a different point of view than my normal one.

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To state it plainly, I really liked this anime. It had a good story, plot, characters, and setting. I will do abit of criticism later on, but for now ill stay focused on what I liked. I love the fact that this anime (also) doesn’t have one dimensional side characters. They give all the side characters time, and that makes me feel like they were there and not pushed off to the side. There was one character in general which I felt the presence of them wasn’t really intriguing. That character was Itadori’s grandpa.

Itadori’s grandpa left a huge impact on Itadori, and his last words are basically why this show happened. Even though this is the case, Me as a Watcher, I didn’t feel the grandpa’s sense of importance. Well that’s because he died in the first episode. But Itadori’s current mindset is based around those last words, which kind of annoys me. My favorite character was Nobara, Mainly because she was so self confident and proved that you dont always need a man to save you. She is independent and loves herself for who she is, and doesn’t need anyone to validate that for her. The three main characters give of a Naruto/Sasuke/Sakura vibe, but more friendly. Itadori and Nobara’s friendship is soo wholesome too.

This anime really gives into character development, Itadori starts out as a jujutsu sorcerer who thinks he is helping people, but later on starts to question his actions. I also like the fact that he knows hes weak, and goes to train to become stronger to help others. Also Fushiguro acknowledges his weakness, and that Itadori is far ahead of him to train to become better without pushing his friends down or destroying their friendships.

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When this anime started out, Itadori had full control over Sukuna, this was interesting because most Shonen, the MC never has control over their powers, and takes a whole arc for them to learn to control it. I suspect this was the case because Itadori already had physical abilities that surpass many humans.

I’ve read a lot of reviews on this anime, and loads of people have been going on about how clichรฉ the plot is, I have to agree with this. Even thought it isnt as original as i hoped, it had a great storyline, and the pacing was good too. It didn’t feel rushed, and the characters had enough time to develop their skills. The magic system in this anime was unique (not clichรฉ at all) and it brought a new aspect to the anime world. The anime has a perfect control over comedy, action and intense, and suspenseful situations. I’ve watched a lot of anime, and many of them aren’t able to keep each part clean from each other.

Now for animation: As you may or may not know, MAPPA animated this anime, and honestly (I might start fangirling over the animation, so sorry in advance) this animation was amazing, The art style was unique, and the animation was so clean. Each fight scene was animated amazingly. I think their were little to nothing bad about the animation style.

This it on my thoughts for this Winter 2021 anime, I might be doing one last one of these first and final thoughts, maybe… In conclusion, I enjoyed this anime, and Shonen is a very good genre… So I’d give it a 9/10.

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  1. uzzenolike says:

    Man this anime is crazy and so is there animation especially Gojo (mappa used all their budget on gojo lol)

  2. uzzenolike says:

    Whos your favorite?

  3. uzzenolike says:

    Oh sorry yah the minute I realized it it was to late but mine is probably todo because heโ€™s inspiring for some reason or itโ€™s just me lol

  4. uzzenolike says:

    Itโ€™s probably the best one in the show and btw u have to make a blog on attack on titan last ep ๐Ÿ‘

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