Everything Comes to an End – Ymir, Her Curse, and Attack On Titan Ending Theories

Well, Obviously before I start, beware, Major Spoiler Alert! It’s been 8 years since Attack On Titan made its debut and since then fans have loved it. Unfortunately, the Manga is coming to an end with its last chapter releasing in April. The anime is also on its final season, but I wonder how they are going to get everything into the last couple of episodes or if they’ll make a part 2 or movie… Well, that’s a discussion for another time. Today’s discussion is about the Ending of Attack On Titan and what I think will happen.

There has been a lot of different theories circling the internet and so many of them are truly believable but then again, The creator of the Manga, Hajime Isayama always has some trick up his sleeve to surprise his millions of readers.

Well to start out this post and get to my theories, I’m going to explain abit about the world of Attack On Titan. Mainly about things that relate to my theories… The whole titan thing started out with a girl named Ymir, Not Ymir from the 104th Training corps, but Ymir Fritz, The First Titan.

When Ymir died, Her 3 daughters, Maria, Rose, and Sheena were forced by their father to eat their mother’s corpse to continue her blood onto their children so that her essence never dies out. Ymir was the first founding titan, and once she died, The 9 titans were created. The Attack, Jaw, Warhammer, Female, Colossal, Cart, Beast, and Armored. These 9 titans are able to shift between being human and Titans.

Now that you know about Ymir Fritz (If you didn’t already) let me start out with the first part of my first theory. I think that Ymir isnt a past titan Shifter but a future one, And Historia’s child at that. At this point, I may not sound believable but just hear me out. Historia’s child was born during the rumbling in chapter 138. If Historia’s child is a girl, then I’m definitely sure she would name it after her best friend, Ymir.

Another thing relating to this first part of the theory, Ymir is said to have got her titan powers by falling down a well-like hole and then merged with a spinal-like creature giving her the power of titans… But what if the case is that she already had the powers, but when her life was at risk, she awakened them, Just like Eren? Eren had his powers for 3 and a half years, but until his life was in severe danger, he was able to awaken them. Yes yes, I know about the curse of Ymir.

But Ymir’s curse was never proved further, She saved King Fritz from a spear and died after 13 years, But the titan’s shifter after her never tried to live on longer than 13 years, so we don’t know if it’s possible. After a bit of research (It turned out to be 3 hours of research) I found some plausible information that titan shifters can in fact live longer than 13 years. Grisha Jaeger, the father of Eren and Zeke Jaeger lived for 14 and a half years before transferring his powers to Eren. The whole ‘Ymir’s curse’ thing could be a misunderstanding made up by King Fritz.. Ymir was protecting him instead of Healing for 13 years, so she could have died from exhaustion, or not wanting to live anymore. When Titan shifters don’t have the will to live, they don’t heal.

We also know that all Eldians are connected through Paths… A place not of this world but it can transfer memories, wills, flesh, and bones. A big controversy early on when Attack on Titan started out was, where did the body of the titan come from, did it just appear out of thin air? Well no, Ymir molds the titans in paths and that’s how they take their forms. Eren was able to harness the complete power of the founding titan when He met Ymir in paths.

Now that I’ve got that out, I’ll continue on my theory… Now that Zeke is dead, according to another rule of Ymir’s curse, If a Titan shifter dies without being eaten, then the power of the shifter will go to a random newborn Eldian child… It would most likely be that the Power of the beast titan would go to Historia’s Newborn child.

We all know what erens plan is/was. He wanted to erase all people from the world other than the ones in Paradis using the founding titan (This is why the rumbling happened) and then create a new world with only the people of Paradis. Before chapter 136 onwards, I thought that Eren was going to use the rumbling to erase the world, then erase the minds of all the Eldians since they would be the only ones left in the world, and his new world would be titan free, and no one except eren would remember what happened. But that’s, not the case anymore…

In chapter 139, Eren, Armin and Reiner are about to be in an explosion… If they don’t survive, Then the power of the founder, Attack, Armored, and colossal titan will also go to newborn Eldian Baby… Im not quite sure if it’s possible for more than one shifter’s ability to go the same baby, but anything is possible in the world of make-belief. (This part wasn’t in my original theory, it just popped into my head)

My theory for the ending is that Armin saves the day… Since Armin is about to blow up Erens final form titan, then he would be the one to stop Eren. If you haven’t already Noticed, Armin is the narrator for the show, so it could be that we are only seeing flashbacks, or we are being narrated by a book written by Armin in the future… Also, when Eren and Mikasa were arguing with Levi about whether to give the serum to Armin or Erwin, Eren stated “The one who is gonna save humanity isnt me or the commander, Its Armin!” This is an interesting statement because as of the current time ahead of Eren saying this, Armin is the one who is saving humanity as the Commander of the Survey Corps by blowing Eren to pieces.

To conclude all this, I think that the Attack on Titan show is a time loop. When we see Eren wakes up in the first episode, he is crying, it could be that he failed his object in the future and used Paths to come back to the past. We also know that the Titan shifters have the ability to travel consciously, not physically, as seen in chapter 121. I think Eren consciously traveled back in time to the scene in the first episode after failing his objective in the future… And maybe the time loop has been running multiple times. This could also explain how Ymir Fritz might be Historia’s child, and she consciously time travels to the past and is the first titan.

Well, I hope this isnt all just a jumble of information, and somehow makes sense… I spent a long time researching and putting it together, Im just not sure if the words fit, I may be wrong at the end of the day. But anyway, I hope my theories make sense and let me know what you guys think about it! Thanks for reading.

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    Its been so long. Really nice post i never even knew this itss sooo amazing.

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    Your theories seem very sensible and quite possible

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    I’m sharing this post right away

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    I feel like thatโ€™s actually going to happen it adds up

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  8. Wow, this was a really interesting theory! I’ve heard the Ymir is Historia’s baby theory, and it definitely is plausible! (and the kid defiantly might inherit the beast titan, as you mentioned) With the Armin will save the world thing, Grisha also said that about Zeke. Then in ch 137 they met and spoke in PATHs. It all has to mean something…

  9. I think that the series will end with the Eldians losing the power of the Titans for good, and everyone who is a Titan will either die or become human once more. In a way, this would let Eren fulfill his childhood vow to destroy all Titans. More importantly, though, the power of the Titans is just another prison. The prison thatโ€™s keeping the Eldians locked away. And now Eren has orchestrated everything to bring about the Titans end and free his people from this 2,000 year old curse

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