Erased Review and Summary

Erased is a 12 episode anime that makes your heart race. It is full of suspense and mystery. Its the perfect Murder mystery, time travel fused anime ever!

Erased is a story about a man named Satoru. Satoru is a 29 year old aspiring Manga artist. He leads a normal life, except for the fact that he has a super natural power which he calls ‘Revival’. Satoru find himself a couple minutes in the past to find and solve whatever wrong is about to happen, this is Revival.

After a revival, Satoru prevents a possible murder, but his mother recognized the murderer. The murdered then kills her. This leads to Satoru becoming the prime suspect for his mothers murder. Then, the unimaginable happens. Satoru has another revival, this time 20 years in the past..

Satoru Fujinuma | Wiki | โ€ขAnimeโ€ข Amino
Satoru before the Big Revival

Satoru figures that he is sent back to this time to prevent him mothers murder which is somehow connected to series of kidnappings that happens in his 5th grade year and class.

Satoru has to save 2 of his classmates and a girl in a school nearby. Satoru starts with his classmate Kayo, Satoru remembers from the future that Kayo was kidnaped on the 1st of march, leaving him 2 weeks to prevent her murder. He tries to talk to Kayo and become friends with her.

Later during the day, Satoru has an ice skating race with the classmate, he was faster but decided to let him win due to the fact that he felt bad, Satoru is eager to change the future, but he remembers he is just repeating the past by letting the boy win again. Satoru is afraid of the Butterfly Effect but also afraid that he is only reliving the past instead of changing it.

The next day Satoru decides to invite Kayo to the Science center, and by surprise, she agrees to go. He then gets a sense of Deja vu, that this has already happened. It has, because 20 years ago, satoru went to the Science center by himself and found Kayo there. He hadn’t changed anything, it is all going to turn out the same. But then Satoru’s friends come, he has changed something, even by a little bit.

That was the day Kayo meant to be kidnapped because she was all alone, but he saved her. He invites her to his birthday party (Since, Kayo and Satoru share the same birthday, he planned a surprise for her too) and the next day they celebrate together with their friends.

Happy Birthday! - General Board - FeralFront
Satoru and Kayo’s Birthday Surprise

The next day, Satoru goes to pick up Kayo from her house as usual, but she isn’t there. Her mother answers the door and says she isn’t home (Incase you didn’t know, Kayo’s mother physically abused her daughter, so she didn’t really care about her). Satoru thought she had just decided not to come to school that day, but they next day she didnt come, or the next.

Satoru went to her house and saw his mother throwing her belongings in the trash. Satoru had failed to save Kayo and prevent her murder. A couple days later, another schoolgirl gets kidnapped. An then the Revival ends.

Satoru finds himself back in the present, and is still the prime suspect for his mothers Murder. He wasn’t able to change anything, nothing at all. He is frustrated due to the fact he wasn’t able to change the past and prevent those girls kidnaping and murders. Satoru is now on the run from the police.

His co-worker Airi knows that satoru is innocent and would never kill his mother, so she lets him stay at her house for a while. She doesn’t tell anyone that he is at her house, but she receives a mysterious text from an unknown number minutes before a fire in her house, obviously anyone would know that the person who texted her and caused the fire was Satoru’s mothers murdered.

Satoru arrives at her house to only see a fire. He runs as far as he can and then somehow manages to trigger his revival through willpower.

Boku Dake Ga Inai Machi (4/4) GIF by Buta | Gfycat
When Revival happens, Satoru sees this Blue Butterfly

He is brought back to February 28th 1988, 2 days before Kayo’s kidnapping. He decides to take matters into his own hands by kidnapping Kayo WITH her permission. He keeps her in their hideout/Bus. She is safe in that bus until, on March 3rd an intruder enters the bus!

She goes unnoticed by the intruder, but when Satoru comes to check up on Kayo, he sees the footprints of the intruder and runs inside, he sees an awake Kayo.. and the intruders bag. Satoru recognizes the items in the bag, They were used to murder Kayo in the earlier Revival.

Satoru deems it to dangerous for Kayo to stay at the hideout because they don’t know if the kidnapper will come back or not. So satoru takes Kayo to stay at his house with him and his mom. His mom was very open minded about having Kayo stay. Satoru explained the whole situation to her and she agreed to help them out. Kayo stays at their house for 2 days. Kayo erupts in tears when Satoru’s mom makes a home made breakfast for her, because it is the first time she ever had one.

After 2 days, Kayo, Satoru and his mother go to Kayos house to confront Akemi, Kayo’s mom. Akemi raises her hand to slap them both but Satoru’s mom quickly stops her and catches her red handed. Akemi threatens to call the police on them but Their teacher Yashiro and the Child Consultants. Kao is given to child care and Satoru turns his attention to the other 2 victims, Hiromi and Aya.

Hiromi is a friend of Satoru so he will be easy to keep an eye on but Aya lives in another town farther away from Satoru. Satoru and his friends approach Aya in the neighboring school, she resented them at first but she later got to know them and started hanging out with them. All the possible targets are safe, The murdered cannot get any of them.

Later, Satoru shadows Misato Yanagihara, who has kept to herself since being accused of framing Kayo, Satoru does this because he knows that the murdered targets lonely people. She seemingly disappears after going to the bathroom. Satoru then notices a truck belonging to Yuuki’s family leaving the scene and he asks Yashiro to follow it in his car.

Along the way, Yashiro reveals himself to be killer and that he realized that Satoru was the one thwarting his plans. He explains that he used Misato as bait to lure Satoru into the stolen car which he then rolls into a frozen lake, with Satoru trapped inside. Satoru is quickly drowning.

Time skip 15 years, Satoru wakes up after being in a coma for 15 years, he cannot remember anything from that night of the drowning. Some of Satoru’s memories begin to return due to his friends’ visits. Yashiro himselfvisits him, who changed his name to Nishizono and became a politician. Yashiro takes Satoru to the rooftop, where he confirms Yashiro’s suspicions that he has regained his memories.

After Kayo visits Satoru, he regains all his memories, and he tells his childhood friends Kenya and Hiromi about Yashiro being the killer. ย Back on the rooftop, Yashiro reveals he has arranged to kill Kumi (A girl who is about to get surgery for her leukemia)with a sabotagedย IVย drip and to frame Satoru for her murder.

Yashiro threatens to throw Satoru from the roof and make it look like a suicide. However, Satoru calls Yashiro’s bluff, stating that Yashiro can’t live without him. This seems true when Yashiro initially stops Satoru from rolling his wheelchair off the roof. However, Yashiro lets Satoru drop and prepares to commit suicide himself. He then discovers that Satoru has been safely caught by his friends, and Yashiro is finally arrested for attempted murder.ย 

A couple years later, Satoru is recovered and is a Successful Manga artist. A happy ending.

urushenna | Anime artwork, Manga artist, Anime art
Satoru after his 15 year coma.

I think this Anime was amazing, It had an amazing plot but i think that the ending was quite rushed, it happened to quick. I think that Kayo’s arc was perfect but the 2 other suspects where very quick as well as the ending. A side from that, this anime is perfect if you are looking for a mystery without romance, this is your go to anime!

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