Dr.STONE – Ep 1: Miracle Liquid

Dr. Stone is an awesome anime I watched this summer, the anime starts out with a boy named Taiju who is telling his best friend, Senku that he is going to confess his love to a girl named Yuzuriha. Senku makes him a love potion which is actually just gasoline. He does this to test Taiju.

Right before Taiju gets to confess to Yuzuriha, a strange green light envelopes the world, and everyone suddenly becomes stone.

Humanity has been enclosed in stone for thousands of years, but Taiju’s mind is still conscious. He knows that he has been turned to stone for a long time and he waits till he is able to break out of the stone.

Taiju sees Yuzuriha is safe but still stoned, he sees a sentence encarved in the wood right next to her ‘Follow the river downstream, you big oaf” There was only one person who called him a big oaf and that is Senku. He runs downstream and is overjoyed to see that Senku is alright and alive.

Senku has been awake for 6 months already and got a head start in bringing back humanity. He has been remaking civilization, but now that Taiju is alive, Senku and him can remake civilization together.

While Taiju is out collecting mushrooms he sees a familiar face from his highschool, he then makes his way to the cave in which he woke up in, he thought there was another person collecting the liquid falling from the roof of the cave, but it was Senku, Senku explains to him that the Liquid that awoke him was nitric acid.

Senku makes alcohol so he can mix it with the Nitric acid, he believes that will be able to awaken others from their Stone sleep.

After months of experiments, Senku is finally able to create the ‘Miracle Liquid’ and revives a bird, He can now revive humanity one at a time!

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  1. uzzenolike says:

    I am going to put this on my list

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