‘Dororo’ Review and Summary

Dororo is short, completed 24 episode long anime, This new anime adaption was long awaited in 2019. The original Manga was written in 1969.

The story follows the adventure of 2 main characters, Hyakkimaru, A teenager whos body is completely made of prosthetics and Dororo, An young orphan child. Even though the anime is named after Dororo, the story generally revolves around Hyakkimaru rather than Dororo.

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Dororo and Hyakimaru

A greedy Samurai Lord named Daigo wishes for more power, so He makes a deal with the 12 Demons who agree to give him power, but for a price, His first born son. And so, Hyakkimaru is born without limbs, no nose, no eyes, no ears, not even skin, His Mother was extremely sad that her husband made a deal with the demons without consulting her, so she prays for her child to be protected. Daigo orders that the baby is to be killed or disposed of, so the maid puts him in a basket and lets him float on a river to be forgotten of.

A man who makes prosthetic limbs, finds the baby (Who is still breathing) floating on the river and decides to take him in. And so he gives the baby the name Hyakkimaru and creates prosthetic Limbs for him. This is the beggining of Hyakkimarus journey to a normal Life.

Since Hyakkimaru cannot hear, see, smell, taste or feel pain, the man taught him to survive without using his senses, he equipped his hands with swords and taught him to fight. Hyakkimaru then sets of to regain his body parts for every demon he kills, a body part or sense is regained.

During the beginning of his journey, hyakkimaru meets Dororo who decides to tag along on his journey, But Dororo doesn’t know the adventures, good AND bad, that await them.

Hyakkimaru cannot see but he can see the souls of people. Normal peoples souls are white, while demons are red, that is how he knows what to kill.

This anime had an amazing rage scene too, an important character, Mio, who was a young lady who took care of orphans, was killed by soldiers for no reason, Hyakkimaru was enraged by this and killed all the soldiers there, he then for the first time showed emotion… WARNING Upcoming bloody gore scene.

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I loved this anime even though it was so short, it had an incredible plot and it didn’t seems rushed considering how short it was. The new adaption had amazing animation. Its an amazingly thought out story that keeps getting better every second, surprisingly it even has family drama issues (But sever ones!).

When Hyakkimaru was put on the river, the maid kept his family symbol on him, incase he was to survive. Half way through the season, Hyakkimaru meets his brother, and sworn enemy, Tahomaru. Tahomaru hates his brother due to the fact that his mother cares for him more even though she has never met him. When Hyakkimaru first met Tahomaru, he sensed that his presence was different to others, and later found out that he was his brother with the help of Dororo.

Tahomaru also asks for the demons help to defeat his brother, because the demons keep their Land prosperous. He lends him power to his right eye which later, Hyakkimaru slashes and Tahomaru loses the eye.

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In the End, When Hyakkimaru slashes Tahomaru’s eye, he regains his own and is able to see everything, The anime then ends with an older Dororo and Hyakkimaru meeting each other after going their separate ways when he regained his eyes.

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