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Demon Slayer or more formally known as Kimetsu No Yaiba, is one of the top animes of 2020. It has been voted best anime of 2020 and also has the best fight season of 2020. The manga ended this summer and fans are looking forward to the upcoming movie that is coming out in October!

This Arc is divided into two mini arcs, Infinity Castle arc and Sunrise Countdown arc, both arcs are read at the same time during the manga. One reason this arc is my favorite is because of the amazing battles! Some of the battles include, The Hashira’s vs Upper Demon Moon 1, Kanao, Shinobu and Inosuke vs Doma(Upper demon Moon 2), Zenitsu vs Kaigaku, Tanjiro and Giyuu vs Muzan, And so many more!

Im going to tell you about 2 of my favorite battles from this amazing arc!

Shinobu, Kanao and Inosuke vs Doma:

If you remember from season 1, Shinobu’s sister is killed by a demon, and Shinobu makes it her goal to kill this demon, A demon who uses Fans as his weapons, or also known as Doma, Upper Demon Moon 2. Doma specifically likes to eat women because they taste better, and being one of the strongest upper demons, he is the strongest.

Shinobu knows that Doma killed his sister due to the fans he carried, She prepared everyday since her sister died to kill this Demon, and her chance finally came. Shinobu uses her insect breathing and stabs her sword right into doma’s eye, which surprises him, he learns that Shinobu doesnt have enough physical strength to cut of a demons head but her power lies in her poisons that lie in here sword.

Shinobu thinks she has won because her poison is affective to all demons, but is disappointed due to the fact that Doma had been warned about her during the Spider family attack. Doma altered his body so her poison can be rendered effectless against him.

Honestly, when reading this chapter i felt like crying because Shinobu wanted her rightful revenge for her sister, but Doma was too strong for her, and she died as a result of that, Doma absorbed her into his body. It was so sad, like super sad. Demon slayer is one of my favorite animes, and as a manga reader, I am not ready for this to be animated.

This is when Inosuke and Kanao show up, Doma takes a look at Inosuke and remembers his face. Doma told him that he looked just like his mother, inosuke said he had no mother. But doma knew his mother. When inosuke was just a baby, His mother ran away from his father because she abused her, and went to the nearest temple. Doma was acting as a priest so he could eat the humans who were there.

Doma decided that Inosukes mom was a good person who he liked and he would let her and her son live till the end of their lifespans. But Inosukes mother was smart, after a couple months living with Doma, she realized he was a demon and ran away with Inosuke, Doma chased after them and killed Inosukes mother, right before she died, she through Inosuke in a river so he could live on.

After learning this story from Doma, Inosuke had more hatred for than ever. Kanao and Inosuke use their breathing techniques against Doma, but they are barely leaving a scratch. Suddenly, Doma’s face starts to melt, and then followed by his whole body. This was the doing of Shinobu, she knew she was going to be killed and eaten by Doma, so she drank a poison only lethal to demons before the battle, so when eaten by Doma, the poison would be transferred to his body and make him die;

Doma plays his final and most powerful card, Blood Demon Art: Rime â€” Water Lily Bodhisattva.[15]

Doma’s ice Bodhisattva statue slams down its hand on the floor of the room, creating a small earthquake that sends Inosuke and Kanao up into the air. Kanao notes that his technique lacks precision, and was clearly the Demon’s last effort to protect himself with the little energy he had left, deciding to use Flower Breathing: Final Form – Equinoctial Vermilion Eye to try and break through him.

Doma’s statue grabs Inosuke in one of its hands as Kanao leaps towards the Upper Rank, hitting her blade against his neck. She is unable to cut it because she got frozen, so Inosuke, on the spot, comes up with and uses Beast Breathing: Sudden Throwing Strike to hurl his blades at Kanao’s to give it the extra strength needed to cut Doma’s neck. They succeed in beheading him, and Upper Rank 2 and his statue begin to disintegrate.

Kanao is now blind in one eye due to the technique she used, she has avenged her Adopted sisters. Doma was never able to feel emotion as a human, but while dying he sees Shinobu and realizes she is pretty and asks her on a date to hell, He finally realizes human emotion. (Shinobu Turned him down btw).

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba #153-166 -
Doma’s Final Demon Blood Art

Hashira’s vs Upper Demon Moon 1:

This is my second Favorite Battle in this arc, The stone hashira, Wind hashira, Mist hashira and the Wind hashiras brother all go against upper moon demon one.

Upper moon demon one uses Moon breathing, a techinque developed by himself, using his brothers information to develop it. Upper moon demon 1 had a brother who was the first Breathing user ever. He created the breathing which was passed down generations and developed according to different users.

The stone hashira is the strongest hashira, and alongside the other hashiras, they were able to take down the upper moon demon one. Genya(The wind hashiras brother) eats demon parts to get their power for an amount of time, he was able to help during this battle by eating some of the Upper moon demons sword. I cant really go into much detail about this battle but i will add a link to a fan animation, and then you will understand why its amazing!

Fan animation, not real! But is still super good.

This arc is SOOO sad because almost all the Hashiras die and the leader AND the whole demon slayer corps. Zenitsu, Inosuke, Tanjiro and Nezuko survive, but only 2 hashiras survive! So upsetting.

Let me know in the comments what your favorite arc from demon slayer was! Thanks for reading this post, I might do a part 2 on this arc for 2 other battles, but that a maybe!

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