Demon Slayer and their Relatable Characters

That header basically summed them all up. Hi Everyone….

I just wanted to talk about demon slayer again (sorry!) because I love it so much. But today we arent going to talk about its animation or its story, But about its characters and how they resemble real emotions.

I want to say that Zenitsu is basically the only normal person in that trio, but some might disagree. Tanjiro is the brave but kind person, Inosuke is the hotheaded arrogant person and then there is Zenitsu, The crybaby scaredy cat Person.

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But I definitely understand Zenitsu’s feelings, He doesn’t want to die, He knows he has to face the danger but cries because he might lose his life protecting others, And many viewers I know discriminate him for that. But doesn’t that make him Human? He knows and excepts his faults and tries very hard to make them into success. He is very strong when he is asleep though. He is the most human among them, If I was in his situation, I would have done the same. I’m sure many of us would.

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He admires Giyuu!

Now Inosuke was a homeless child who lived in the mountains and grew up without knowing anything of the real world. He happened to join the demon slayer while fighting to see who was stronger (typical Inosuke). Inosuke is very arrogant because he thinks that he is stronger that everyone and always, I repeat always wants to prove it to others. But when he met Tanjiro and Zenitsu, he started to learn more about life, and how to treat other people. This also very realistic in the sense that he is learning empathy.

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Tanjiro from the beginning was a very kind person, but when his family was brutally murdered, He, as many people would have done, Cried and freaked out. This is also very retable. Tanjiro is like Mr. Empathy, he always knows how the other person feels and tries his hardest to help them and get them through what the are going through, He is such a kind hearted soul!

Just to let you all know, I’ve changed my upload schedule again, so now posts will only upload between 2-4 a week because Im also trying to write a book simultaneously.

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    Giyu is my favorite u should do more of the hashiras

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    wow! what a story! Cant wait to watch!!!!!

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