Children Of The Whales- Review

Children Of The Whales is a One season anime consisting of 12 episodes. It can be watched on Netflix. The story is about a boy named Chakuro who is an archivist on the Mud Whale. The Mud Whale is a Ship that Moving Island that drifts endlessly in The Sea of Sand.

Chakuro is one of the Marked people on the Island. All the Marked people possess a power called Thymia, Thymia is a power similar to Telekinesis. It allows its users to control Objects. Since the Mud Whale has been floating endlessly for a Long Time, The people living on it believe they are alone in the world. But everything changes.

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On a scavenging Hunt, Chakuro meets a girl named Lykos on another island in the Sea of Sand. She possess no Emotions. They later find out that she is part on the Allied Empire. The Allied Empire determined that the citizens of the Mud Whale must be killed. Their ships arrive, leading to a massacre of many people.

One thing about this anime is that it gets darker every episode. I liked this anime but to be honest, the first couple episodes were very slow, and then the last episodes went to fast for me. But overall the story line of this anime was really well done.

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They have amazing animation and the fight scenes are good compared to other animes. This anime killed of many characters too quickly, Chakuro had an important relationship with Sami, but when the author killed her off, you couldn’t really feel like she was an important character. Too many characters were developing together, it was hard to understand.

I really liked the story of this anime, but as mention before, it was too slow and then too fast. They haven’t announced a Second season, but the manga is ongoing, if you want to read it.

children of the whales | Tumblr

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  1. ospreyshire says:

    I saw this series a while ago. I thought the premise and animation were great, but it was so unfinished as a series.

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