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Well, readers, it’s been a while, 6 months to be exact. Where did sushiii go? Good question. Well life has been a bit of a rollercoaster lately, and I’m not a big fan of roller coasters, I’ve only ever been on one, and I’m pretty sure my heart...


Top 4 things I learned during my first year of Blogging

I recently passed my one-year mark of blogging on September 25th and this was the post that I was planning to do for it but on September 25th. But that day passed because I was on a break, so when is a better time to do it than...


Its Summer Already! – A little Update

Hello Everyone! So today we go off the topic of anime and manga with a little update. Its rare that I talk about my blog and I, so it may be abit different to what your usually used too. Starting off, This year is passing really quick, Before...


A very overdue Tag: Tagging Stories with Color!

Tags aren’t necessarily something I’m good at, especially because my mind becomes abit blank when thinking of answers. I am really late on doing this tag (4 and a half months to be exact) but when’s better to do it than now? Thank you Vartika for tagging me....


My Top 4 Psychological Animes

I enjoy animes all different types of animes, but Psychological animes always have a different aspect to them that make me love them. I would say that apart from supernatural anime, Psychological ones are my favorite, They are just.. amazing. So today Im going to be telling you...


First Tag of 2021 – Peer Pressure Tag

Its been a while since I’ve done a tag, so sorry if my answers are somewhat rusty. First up, Thanks Evening Tea Musings for Tagging me! Sorry for doing this so late, I never realized I was tagged until yesterday. Rules Link back to the creator, which is Random...


100th Post and 100 Followers!

Well this is my blogs 100th post! Wow. I’m really mesmerized by this, I didn’t expect myself to continue writing for so long. I started blogging on September 22nd, 2020 and it has been around 5 and a half months! Just thinking that I have been constantly writing...


Best Anime of 2020?

Hey everyone, I havent got much time to write posts for a while, so this is a quick impromptu question for you all? What do you think the best anime of 2020 was? Let me know what you think in the comments!


The Kore Wa Watashi Award:

Hi Everyone, So todays post is going to be abit different, im going to be discussing this Award that Pinkie Created, The Kore Wa Watashi. As I write this at the moment, I am drinking a smoothie at night (Ive never met someone who drinks smoothies at night)...

Blogging Break! 5

Blogging Break!

Hey everyone, Since I have a thanksgiving break from School, I decided that I will take a break from Blogging from today till Monday. I plan to just sit and do nothing…. Maybe sleep? Thanks for Understanding!