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The Horizon – Review

Why is the world such a brutal place? Why must one justify the actions of others in order to survive?   In times of war, All one wants is to simply survive. That means doing morally questionable things in order for that to happen. To phrase it simply, the...


What I read this Month: May Manga Edition

I’ve been doing a lot of manga posts, haven’t I? Well, that’s because I’ve been getting into a lot of manga lately, and I think im starting to find it more appealing than anime. Don’t get me wrong, I still love anime, but Manga just has this different...


Frieren: Beyond Journeyโ€™s End – Manga Recommendation

I’ve not been watching much anime lately apart from the big 3, and seasonals. I think ve become more into manga than I’ve ever been into anime. A couple of weeks ago I read this manga, Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End, and out of all the mangas I’ve read...