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Why MHA Season 5 is More Than Meets the Eye – Guest Post

I shouldnโ€™t need to preface this, but spoilers incoming. No seriously, Iโ€™m talking about season 5 up to episode 9, so if you havenโ€™t seen it or the previous seasons for that matter, DONโ€™T READ AHEAD! Still here? Sweet! Letโ€™s get into it! This season of My Hero...


Webtoon Collab – Asic and SushiiiWithSoysauce!

Warning: This post contains spoilers for Webtoons, so read it at your own risk. Hey everyone! So today’s post is a bit different. It’s my first collaboration post with the amazing Asic from Haven and we’ve decided to make this collaboration about webtoons! Today we will be discussing...


Kira, Our Newest Author!

Hi! I’m @k2122, but you guys can call me Kira. I’m a friend of @sushiiiwithsoysauce and I’ll also be your new co-writer. Here’s a little about me: I really like watching anime and gaming. I’m also a pretty big K-pop and J-pop stan. I really enjoy the outdoor...