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SK8: The Infinity – Episode 3

Well this episode was just, wow. Everything about it was amazing. Well except for the Hisoka looking guy. He has a name, but He gives off too many Hisoka vibes to be called by his name. On this blog he will be known as *drumroll* Hisoka V2! So...


SK8: The Infinity – Episode 2

Episode 2! Welcome back to my weekly episode review on SK8: The Infinity. This weeks episode was based around Langa trying to learn how to do an Ollie. According to Reki, it takes around 3 Months to learn how to do an Ollie.. Lets see how long it...


SK8 The Infinity- Episode 1

Another Episode Review! I didn’t really expect much from this anime, but I was pleasantly surprised. The first episode was extremely promising, and the animation was so good! I cant wait for the next episode! I only get hyped while watching specific animes, I surprisingly got super hyped...