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The Ackerman Clan

This post was a requested one by one my readers, And I think that the Ackerman’s are an interesting subject. We all know the world of Attack on Titan never ceases to surprise us with new theories and possibilities, and the Ackerman’s are one of the surprises. Before...


Moods of an Attack on Titan Fan

I really wanted to write this post for a longtime and I finally am, Its kind of based off some tiktoks I watched but better. Not a serious post by the way. Its meant to be for fun, I think its kind of relatable too? Well lets get...

Attack on Titan Characters who deserve more Credit 1

Attack on Titan Characters who deserve more Credit

Attack on Titan is an amazing anime and I think its my favorite (Second only to Demon Slayer). Its getting alot of hype this year due to the Manga reaching its end soon. Today im going to be talking about two characters who deserve more Credit: Connie Springer:...