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Demon Slayer Final Battle Arc 1

Demon Slayer Final Battle Arc

WARNING: THIS POST CONTAINS MANGA SPOILERS! Demon Slayer or more formally known as Kimetsu No Yaiba, is one of the top animes of 2020. It has been voted best anime of 2020 and also has the best fight season of 2020. The manga ended this summer and fans...

Soul Society Arc (Bleach) 0

Soul Society Arc (Bleach)

Warning!! This Is A SEMI LONG POST, Read at your own risk! Ok, so Bleach is on of The Big Shonen animes ever, loads of people compare it to Naruto and One Piece, and say it doesn’t belong on the hierarchy… but I’m gonna disagree with you there....

Phantom Troupe Arc 1

Phantom Troupe Arc

Hey Guys, Im starting a new series about the ‘Best Arcs In Anime History’ so todays Arc will be about The Phantom Troupe Arc from Hunter x Hunter. Honestly, In my Opinion… I think that the phantom troupe and chimera ant acs are the best arcs, they have...