Burn The Witch Review

Burn the Witch came out in October, and only Recently have I been able to watch it. If you don’t already know, Burn The Witch was created by the creator of Bleach. So before I watch it I made a hypothesis(who knew that science and anime could be combined)

  • Burn the Witch must be a good anime because it was created by the By the Creator of Bleach, and his anime was in the big three.

And I was correct. It was an incredible anime with an incredible story! But it was kind of sad that it only had 3 episodes… no more have been announced yet.

burn the witch anime | Tumblr

The three episodes follow the 2 main Characters, Ninny and Noel and their adventures working for the Wing Bind in Reverse London. Reverse London is like London but magical, It can only be accessed if you have a pass to it. There are dragons that live there, but the witches must control and protect them unless they are a dark dragon.

Also, Front London(the non magical one) and reverse London are completely identical, If something is destroyed in Front London, it is also destroyed in Reverse London.

burn the witch | Tumblr

Ninny is an optimistic character whos part time job is in reverse London, She is a pop Idol in Front London and is always crowded by Media and Paparazzi. She finds that reverse London is her escape. I really like her as a character because she is funny and very strong.

There is this one character to attracts to much trouble named Balgo Parks. He is kind of dumb and is a Pervert. But something that surprised me was he turned a flute into a sword without knowing how, so maybe later on in the series he might do something epic!

burn the witch | Tumblr

Noel on the other hand is a cool, calm and collected person, She shows no emotion and can make decisions easily. Aka the perfect Character because she is also really strong.

Then there is Macy, she is too emotional about Ninny because they are in the same Pop Idol Group. But she is an ordinary human who lives in Front London. She just happened to have a lot of Mana for a normal human allowing her to see dragons. She was the main cause of the problem because she raised a dragon that is destroying the whole of London with its fire. The Cinderella Dragon.

Well that’s it for the Review, Definitely on my recommendations list!

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  1. uzzenolike says:

    How many animes have u watched?

  2. uzzenolike says:

    Ahhhh thatโ€™s pretty impressive and in just a year Wow.

  3. shiza khan says:

    Looks interesting I am writing it on my watch list.

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