Bungou Stray Dogs, Behind the Names Pt. 2

Well as you see, this is Part 2, You can read Part 1 by clicking here. I think Part 1 was the most unique post I’ve come up with. I haven’t seen anyone else do it. Im a big fan of history, and combining history and anime. Boom! You get something that matches my taste. In Part 1, I covered Dazai, Atsushi, Chuyya, and Kunikida’s names. I’ll be covering 4 more names this time around too.

I just want to say, Bungou stray dogs has become abit ‘mainstream’ but the thought put into this anime, especially the names and also the character’s powers, Is amazing. I could never go into so much depth when it comes to making something. They are all named after authors and poets. It’s also abit surprising that most of the people that the characters are named after, died from committing suicide.

Ryuunosuke Akutagawa

Animated gif about gif in Bungou Stray Dogs by ยทใ‚œใ€‚ ใƒปใ€‚

In the Anime, Ryuunosuke Akutagawa is a villain and an important Member of Port Mafia. His ability is called ‘Rashamon’. This special ability summons a shadow-looking beast out of his coat, and the beast is able to eat anything including space itself. Now, where did they get the name Idea from?

In real life, Ryuunosuke Akutagawa was a Japanese writer during the Taisho Period. He is known as the father of Japanese short stories. His most known piece of work is called ‘Rashamon’. Just like the ability in BSD! His mother died from a mental illness and he became an orphan, and later was adopted by his maternal uncle. In the anime, Ryuunosuke Akutagawa was an orphan, just like the person he was based on.

His ability is named after the real-life novel “Rashลmon” which follows a samurai philosophically questioning morals and self-preservation. Ryuunosuke means ‘Son of Dragon’. He was named this because he was born in the year of the Dragon. And in the anime, Ryuunosuke’s ability Rashamon is shaped similar to a dragon.

Im constantly amazed while learning about the real-life Ryuunosuke Akutagawa and his history. In the end, the real like Ryuunosuke Akutagawa died from overdosing on barbital.


Ranpo edogawa - Album on Imgur

Ranpo is such a sweet character, He honestly reminds me of L from death note because of his deduction skills. To put it plainly, Ranpo doesn’t have an ability, but he acts as if he does. He is very smart, smarter than most people, and his brain functions differently, which explains his amazing deduction skills. Due to his ‘inhuman’ deduction skills, he joined the Armed detective agency along with the people who do have abilities.

Ranpo’s character is derived from a man named Tarล Hirai, or better known by his author name, Ranpo-Edogawa. Ranpo-Edogawa was also a Japenese Author who wrote about Mystery fiction. you’re seeing it right? Mystery, detective, aka the anime character?

Most of Ranpo-Edogawa’s books had a main character who was a detective hero named Kogoro Akechi, In later books was the leader of the Boys detective club.

I think that the creators of this anime took the idea of the detective from his books and portrayed the character Ranpo as a detective. Since Ranpo doesn’t have an ability, they chose to make him a detective. I think you already seen that most of the earlier characters, their abilities are named after a book or piece of work written by the person from who the name is derived. In Ranpo’s case, he doesn’t have an ability, so they took the idea of him being a detective from the book.

Jun’ichirล Tanizaki and Naomi Tanizaki

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Jun’ichirล Tanizaki is also a member of the Armed Detective Squad. He has a younger sister by the name of Naomi Tanizaki. His ability is called Light Snow and allows him to project illusions around him, and covering the area with White Snow.

Now in real life, Jun’ichirล Tanizaki was a novelist, known mainly for his ‘erotic’ books. One of his most famous books is, Naomi. The main character is very ‘charismatic’ therefore influencing the character Naomi in the anime. He wrote many stories with female protagonists.

Another Interesting fact, Tanizaki (in the anime) dislikes earthquakes. I did abit of research on this, and the real Life Jun’ichirล Tanizaki had a lifelong fear of earthquakes due to the fact that his childhood home was destroyed in 1894 due to an earthquake. I believe that this fear was influenced by the real-life Tanizaki.

Naomi’s character is very much inspired by the protagonist of his most famous book. She is really ‘touchy’ with her brother, I think that was influenced by the fact that the protagonist of the story married someone and told everyone it was her cousin (it wasnt actually her cousin). But apart from that, she loves her brother and helps him a lot. Despite not having an ability, she is very important to the Armed detective agency.

Jun’ichirล Tanizaki stated that he would ‘burn the world’ for his sister, this proves that he cares a lot about her. Their past hasn’t been told yet, but apparently, he lost his parents and his sister is his only family left now. Jun’ichirล Tanizaki’s ability, Light Snow is named after a book written by the original person, The English name for it is ‘The Makioko Sisters’, but the Japanese name is Light snow

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Well weve come to an end for this post, I extremely enjoyed making, Its been so long since ive enjoyed writing this much. I love researching, and if its about history, then count me in! So much fascinating information out there to discover. I might plan a part 3 because there are alot more names out there to cover, but thats for the future.

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