Blue Exorcist Season 1, Part 1 Review and Summary

Blue exorcist is an anime about a boy named Rin Okumara, ย a teenager who discovers he and his twin brother Yukio are the sons of Satan born from a human woman, and he is the inheritor of Satan’s powers.ย This anime has 2 seasons and a continuing manga.

When he learns he inherited Satan’s power, he chooses to become an exorcist to rid the world of demons, even though he is one. His adopted father, was an exorcist but was killed by Satan when Rin’s powers were unleashed. Rin’s powers are stored in a sword, so when he drew the sword, he became a full demon.

Rin’s brother, Yukio, is secretly an exorcist, he already knew of his brothers power, but didn’t tell him. Instead, to protect Rin, he decided to become an exorcist and keep him away from danger. After their fathers death, they are taken the countries top school which has a secret school for specific students to become exorcists. Rin makes it his goal to avenge his Adopted Father and kill Satan.

When Rin arrives for the first class, to his surprise, the teacher is Yukio! Rin never knew that his brother was an exorcist, and the youngest one yet!

Yukio and Rin| Ao no exorcist ~ Gif WARNING: SPOILERish for the Anime | Blue  exorcist anime, Blue exorcist, Blue exorcist rin

Rin begins his journey to become an exorcist is challenging due to the fact he has to hide his powers while keeping his sword with him at all times. I can imagine it must be hard to dismiss questions about the sword and why he carries it all the time.

I think that season one of Blue Exorcist was really good, it wasn’t rushed, have a good plot and story line and amazing animation. It also had some amazing characters too, such as Rin’s exorcist class. This anime is almost 10 years old, but i would count it as one of the best animes I’ve watched, its just, WOW!

There are five classes of exorcists in this anime, Knight, Dragoon, Doctor, Aria, and Tamer. Yukio is a Dragoon and Rin wants to be a Knight due to the fact he has a sword.

During one of the episodes, Rin has to fight Amaimon, The earth demon, who steals Rin’s sword and is close to revealing his demon side. Rin is able to win with the help of another Knight Exorcist, Kirigakure Shura. She made a promise to Rin’s adopted father, that if he was to ever die, she would train Rin. And so she did. She trained him to control his flames and to wield a sword. Rin’s Adopted father saved Shura when she was a child, he taught her to control her own demon sword, and that is why she owed this debt to him.

Rin was able to defeat him the first time, but when Amaimon came back during an exorcist training camp and taking one of their friends hostage, Rin is forced to reveal his demon side to the class. He then defeats Amaimon but his sword is broken, he isn’t able to control his flames and is quickly becoming a full demon.

The exorcist association comes to take custody of Rin and take him for judgment by the council, while his classmates go quickly to get his sword fixed so he isn’t sentenced to death. There is only one generation of sword makers who made Rin’s sword left, and they had to find her. Luckily for them, she lived in Rin’s classmates village.

They get the sword fixed but they are too late, the judgment has started. Mephisto (Who is the principal of the school and also a demon who made a bet with Rin’s adopted father concerning his fate) says that Rin is an asset to humanity while the current Paladin (Which is the highest level exorcist) thinks that Rin should die. The council is about to sentence Rin to death but Amaimon appears one more time! this time, he is in his absolute strongest form, I’m not going to tell you what happens next but I will show you instead!

Blue Exorcist Rin Vs Amaimon Earth King Full English DUB!!! GIF | Gfycat

Just by opening his sword, he cuts the arm! This proved to the council that he is an asset to them and they decide to let him live, but if he isn’t able to control his flames, and pass the exorcist exam in 1 years time, they will take him away forever. Also, if he reveals his power to anyone else too.

That is the end of season 1 part 1, there is a part 2 which I will write about soon! Thanks for reading!

Rin Okumura gif by May15 on DeviantArt

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