Blood C – An Anime NOT for the Faint Hearted (Review)

I recently watched this anime, and it had more blood and gore than Another, And another is a very gory anime. Every single episode I watched made me have butterflies in my stomach and my heart felt heavy. I can handle gore but this is just another level of it.

The anime is about a girl name Saya and she is a normal school girl, she is popular, has friends and is basically ordinary like everyone else. Her dad is the leader of a shrine. But she does have one secret, She secret, she slays Elder Bairns which are basically Demons that eat humans.

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Her real personality is Cold and Serious but due to an experiment, A fake Personality was created which led everyone to thinking she was A Kind, Fun and Friendly Person.

I enjoyed this anime to the point were it was super cool but also really scared me. I realized that if those Elder Bairns existed, Reality would be like that.

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Ok, so… I don’t think I would watch this anime again because of the amount of blood in it, but maybe if there was less gore, I would watch it. I watched it specifically for the fact that I was going to review it and It was on my list. But it you are a person who can handle very bloody, and gore related scenes, then this is definitely the anime for you.

I enjoyed the fight scenes that were prolonged, because there are just some fight scenes were the person gets eaten immediately and then nothing else happens. I love anime that have sword fights because they look really cool. I would rate the animation 7/10. It wasn’t my favorite but it was pretty good.

(P.S, I didn’t want to add the GIFS of the Major creepy blood scenes for 2 reasons, My stomach cant handle looking at them cause I feel sick and second is that I don’t want some of my readers sick incase they cant handle it either.)

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  1. uzzenolike says:

    I think now that I have read this I wanna watch it just to see how disgusting it is. LOL

  2. Pavithra says:

    Can you recommend me some anime that are similar to “noragami” series! Cause I really loved watching it โค๏ธ

  3. One clip from my friend at work from this anime was all it took to turn me off from watching this show ๐Ÿ˜“

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