Attack on Titan Characters who deserve more Credit

Attack on Titan is an amazing anime and I think its my favorite (Second only to Demon Slayer). Its getting alot of hype this year due to the Manga reaching its end soon.

Today im going to be talking about two characters who deserve more Credit:

Connie Springer:

Connie is just an ordinary character, no powers and there is nothing he is specifically good at. But my favorite thing about him is that he always tries his best. In the 104th Training Corp Cadet group, he ranked 8th out of the whole class, there was nothing special about him but he was still pretty group. Surprisingly, During seasons 1-3 he was 2 centimeters shorter than Levi, so he was pretty short.

Connie is a very outgoing person, he is optimistic and is always a good sport. During season 2, his whole village were turned into titans using Zekes spinal fluid. Even though his family was dead he never turned on his friends and remained optimistic. I feel like the whole attack on titan turn from Connie, so many bad things have happened to him, tragedies, sadness and they push him aside as a character.

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He is also pretty good in battle, He was a major part in taking down the Armored Titan in season 3 and also he was kind of important during the Utgard Castle Short arc.

The Fans need to recognize Connies achievements, he was going through so much after his family died but still was able to help the Scouts and so much more.


Nanaba was only there for a couple episodes and after she is shown, she quickly dies a few episodes later. She was a veteran member in the Mike squad in the Survey Corps. I found her ODM Gear skills amazing. She has got to be my favorite character second only to Hange.

During Utagard Castle arc, she takes out alot of titans, she didnt have the luxury to count though. the titan were active at night and due to the fact that there were so many of them, she was eventually eaten by the Titan along with the rest of her squad.

She deserves more hype than she gets. She basically saved Connie, Historia, Ymir, Berthold and Reiner from dying, even though 3 of them were titans, she saved them.

Nanaba Takes Out Another Titan. Attack On Titan Ep 29 GIF | Gfycat

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