Angels Of Death – An anime that doesn’t quite fit the Horror Genre (Review)

Well, Angels of Death was an interesting anime, but interesting doesn’t always mean good though. The anime is about a girl named Rachel who finds herself trapped in a basement of an abandoned building. On her way to get out, she meets a guy named Zack who wields a Sickle similar to a grim reaper. They later make a deal that He will kill her if she helps him get out of the building.


I watched this a while back and thought it was a really good anime. But looking back, I realize that the plot is extremely odd and messed up.

Rachel clearly wants to die but doesn’t want to commit suicide because “God doesn’t like people who commit suicide”, so instead, she asks Zack to kill her and only wants to be killed by his hands. If you think about it, that basically is suicide because you’re dying willingly and asking someone to kill you for you. But putting that aside, Zack doesn’t want to kill her because “her expression is boring”. Both very peculiar reasons and characters.

The main idea of the story is to get out of the abandoned building, which is an asylum. Each floor has its floor masters which have an odd obsession with killing Rachel. This anime went completely off of the main idea and also had many sub ideas clashing at the same time. It also jumped right into the storytelling process and there were many times I was confused about what was happening because either it happened too quick, or too slow or there was no story to grip onto so I could take it in. It became difficult to keep track of everything that was happening. I felt that it had major potential at the beginning but slowly turned into an edgy anime with less horror than expected.

I was expecting an interesting horror anime, and when I read the plot before watching it, it sounded genuine. But 2 episodes in, What I was hoping for disappeared. The story progressed very slowly, and some scenes would take forever as if they were elongated to fit the episode timing.

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Now, Why do I say: “An anime that doesn’t quite fit the Horror Genre” In the title?

Well, that’s because it honestly doesn’t quite fit the horror genre, nor mystery or thriller. Perhaps it may fit the adventure genre because they’re going on their little adventure, but I’m not so sure anymore. On Anilist and MAL, it’s labeled as ‘Horror’ but to be honest, I didn’t feel the horror in it. Yes, there was some gore, but not to the extent that it was horrifying.


As said earlier, the characters are peculiar. They both have strange personalities and choices of actions. Let’s start with Rachel Gardner. At the beginning of the anime, she was running from Zack because he wanted to kill her, but seconds later she embraced the fact that she was going to die, and welcomed it. Mere seconds I say! No one just changes their perspective on life that quickly. Maybe it was due to the slight memory regain, but if not that, then honestly, it was very strange.

Zack on the other hand is not that smart, Foul-mouthed, and loud. Out of the 2 of them, Rachel is more mature despite being younger. I’ve noticed that there are people who like these personalities? Im not one of those people, unfortunately. I didn’t despise Zack, but I felt that story was trying too hard for him. They made him excessively annoying, and murderous to a point that I just felt like I couldn’t watch anymore. He also gets a thrill from killing without an actual reason. Even with his alliance with Rachel, I still see him as a monster even after his backstory.

The floor masters were, well, strange. They were all mostly similar to Zack, personality-wise. They liked killing but in their own way. There wasnt any specialness to them.

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I liked the animation, it was pretty good. But I think it was the only thing good about this anime. There were some points where the animation would flop and other times when it would excel. It didn’t really have consistency. Apart from that, It was nice.

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