5 Animes That Don’t Hesitate to Kill Of Characters

Todays post was meant to be a review of Burn the Witch, But I’m not completely finished with it, so I have another list post. Sorry, I hope you enjoy the post!

I Watch A lot of Anime, and I absolutely hate when they kill my favorite character, Especially when you start an anime, become fond of a character and then they end up dying and you end up in tears(jk, I don’t cry watching most anime). Well, I’m going to tell you about 5 animes I’ve watched that kill characters off way too quick, that even I don’t get to say goodbye.

#1 Akame Ga Kill

Who Had The Worst Death | Akame Ga Kill Amino
RIP, I Forgot her name though.

While watching this anime, I was so happy, cause it seemed like all the characters would be safe with only injuries sustained, but no. They killed everyone(including the Main character) except Akame. I guess her name is in the title so they would keep her alive, but I think she was also the strongest, so that’s an equal factor too. Something that surprised was that after finishing Akame Ga Kill, I did some research, ends up that not everyone that died in the Anime, died in the Manga. Mine was meant to live, So was Akame’s Sister and Tatsumi! These animators, why?!

#2 Attack On Titan

Titan Female eat Eren - Shingeki No Kyojin #ShingekiNoKyojin | Attack on  titan, Attack on titan season, Attack on titan eren
The MC in this Anime be like, Oh Im dead, SIKE! Yall thought.

I’m going to mention it again, but I love this anime so much! When I started it, I was reading some reviews and they said don’t bother to learn the names of the Characters until your past season one, why? Because most of them get eaten. Hmmm, seemed reasonable, so I didn’t learn anyone’s name until I was past season 1. RIP to all the amazing characters that died so far, in the Anime and the Manga.

#3 Death Note

Death Note Animated GIF
RIP L, you were my favorite Character.

Death Note is a Classical anime and still a big hit even though it came out in 2006. I’m not afraid to say that every single episode was a surprise to me while watching. You don’t who’s name Light Yagami will write next. He was always the smart type of person, but when under pressure, he can snap and make the wrong move.

#4 Fate Zero

The Grail System, Avenger (Fate Stay/Night) How Does The Grail Work? |  Anime Amino
Tbh, Her death was sad.

Well In the Fate Universe, everyone has to die till one remains because then the Holy Grail wont appear, so no surprise here that someone will die like every other episode. But one thing for sure, I’m sad that some of them died, especially Irisviel. But I guess she had to die for reasons which I’m not going to spoil because you might not have watched it yet.

#5 Demon Slayer

Tanjiro family | Anime demon, Anime, Slayer anime
Tanjiro’s Beautiful ‘Dead’ Family.

When choosing number five, I was contemplating wether to choose Another or Blood C and I don’t know how but I chose Demon Slayer, My All time Favorite Anime! I Loved the Animation of Demon Slayer, when I started it, I learned Tanjiro Whole Families names because I believed that they wouldn’t die, not in this very ‘Supposedly’ Happy looking sweet anime. Well, I was Wrong. Guess learning their names was a waste of time. But there is this unspoken rule that you cant be a Shonen MC if your parents aren’t dead. A lot of people die in the Manga too. Cant wait for that to be animated! (Not the deaths but the story…)

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  1. uzzenolike says:

    Umm this is a good post because I started watching demon slayer itโ€™s pretty interesting for know and I love the animation.

  2. uzzenolike says:

    Yah I was getting bored because all the other anime I have watched almost had the same story but this one is different and I like it. It was a good suggestion

  3. vartika6790 says:

    Demon Slayer showed us death of most of the characters in the manga, really sad! But it is an amazing manga.

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